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Friday, 14 August 2015

White Lady Road

by Kevin Hynes

'The White Lady of Radford is probably the most well known of all the ghosts that are said to haunt this very area. The suspected ghost is a former resident from the old Radford House. There are several different ghostly tales referring to who this phantom female is and where the haunting originates.

One legend states that during one particular summer dating back over many years, the lady in question secretly escaped from Radford House to meet up with her female acquaintance from a nearby village. Although the young lady was forbidden by her parents to meet with her friend due to the vast gap between the gentry classes and that she should not be mixing with anyone of a class below her due to being a lady of Radford House.

This very rendezvous was to end in disaster. The young lady was assisted to her escape by one of Radford’s servants. Free from the safety of her home she headed straight towards Radford Lake where she was united with her close friend. Upon the boating lake a tragic turn of events occurred as whilst in one moment of pure chaos the young lady fell overboard from her small wooden vessel, unable to swim and being weighed down by the material of her heavy white dress, which had become saturated by the lake. She slowly slipped into the dark waters of Radford Lake her lungs filling with cold fresh water. This was to become her watery grave.

Although the fable does not end hear, as the phantom presence of the White Lady has been sighted by many individuals over the years upon the ancient lake.
Her ghost has been spotted sitting upon the bank of the lake. It is also believed that she is the spectre that has also been sighted wandering aimlessly around the grounds where the old Radford House once stood.

The legend of The White Lady of Radford lives on today as ‘White Lady Road’ has been aptly named after her. It is quite intriguing that this location has indeed been named after the mysterious female ghost. This road can be found as you drive down towards Radford Dip, although I will say if you do venture and visit this very road, be on your guard as you may indeed come face to face with the elegant spirit. ' 

Featured in the book 'Haunted Plymouth' by Kevin Hynes

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