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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Reel Cinema

From the book Haunted Plymouth by Kevin Hynes

Reel Cinema

The Reel Cinema Plymouth, previously known as the ABC cinema is situated at Derry's Cross.
On the 11th April 1937 Plymouth’s old Theatre Royal was demolished and in its place arose The Royal Cinema owned by the Associated British Cinema’s (ABC). The Cinema opened on the 15th July 1938. The ABC is one of only a handful of buildings that survived the Plymouth Blitz during the 2nd World War.
The world famous Liverpudlian band ‘The Beatles’ performed on stage at the ABC on Wednesday November 13th 1963.

Today Reel Cinema is renowned to be a very haunted location. In recent times a wide array of paranormal activity has been witnessed first-hand by both the Cinema’s staff and paying customers, therefore it is no surprise that a number of paranormal investigations have taken place at this location.

The entire area of Derry’s Cross where Reel Cinema is situated today is also known to be paranormally active, there is documentation stating that within this small area at least three burial grounds were indeed located here. One of these old burial grounds was used as a final resting place for a number of Napoleonic prisoners of war. It is also quite common for building ground works in this area to be stopped and delayed, due to the wide collection of human remains that have been unearthed. 

Previous paranormal activity:
Screen 2 within the cinema seems to be one of the most active areas, as the full manifestation of a woman in white has been seen at the back of the screen room.

Also another female has been sighted in a particular seat on one of the front rows also in screen 2 – although during the viewing of film’s people have been left puzzled as the woman vanishes and is nowhere to be seen.  A number of paying customers have indeed sat in this very seat that is sometimes occupied by this phantom female, afterwards commenting on feeling watched, uneasy and sometimes becoming suddenly quite ill therefore leaving screen 2.

The ladies toilets are reported to be very active with feelings of being watched, to people experiencing poltergeist activity, loud explainable noise’s to name a few whilst spending time in this area.

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