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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Miss Cornwall's Leap into the Unknown

by Jason Higgs

Earlier this year Liskeard based Briony-Mai Reynolds became 2015's Miss Cornwall Beauty Pageant Winner.  Since that date she has tirelessly been in pursuit to raise money for her worthwhile charity, "Beauty with a Purpose".  It is the Miss England Organisation that aids disadvantaged children across the globe, she is raising funds for Help For Heroes for which she has been made an ambassador for to support our troops!  Briony has thrown herself into many things for Charity since becoming Miss Cornwall including running the Plymouth half Marathon and visiting many Military bases around the South West.  However, she wanted to take things to the next level.  How far was Briony willing to go to raise money for a worthwhile cause?

On the 27th July we were contacted by the wonderful Miss Cornwall and we were asked if we would lead a Paranormal Investigation at Whitsand Bay Fort, for her to raise money for Charity. Naturally we agreed and on the 8th August the evening went ahead.

I would like to say the evening started like any other investigation, but that would be a lie. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was warm and summery and everything was still. Unusually there were no storms, wind or rain, the elements we are used to investigating in the UK. Would this make any difference to the night ahead?

We arrived and met Paul Diamond at the Hidden Heritage Hut at Whitsand Bay Fort. He explained to us the layout and areas we would be investigating. No-one from the SIUK team had ever been to Whitsand Bay Fort, so the night was going to be interesting and a new experience for all. We began by reckying the areas and determining where we were going to put the equipment. This was also Briony's first chance to see and feel the atmosphere that oozed from the hidden underground bunkers.

Kev explains the schedule to the team and Miss Cornwall

The Rempod lights up immediately to questions asked
We started in the recently dug out underground bunker.  Freshly opened to the outside world for the first time in decades, the entrance still shrouded in mud and old-age junk.  We made our way in to one of the rooms and placed a handful of gear on the dusty floor.  Included in this tech was a REMPOD, a static electricity sensor device that unwittingly proved to be the communication interaction surprise of the evening.  More on that later.

Once we had briefed Briony on the equipment, the techniques and plan for the evening, we went "lights out" and commenced the investigation.

Kev and Barry began by sensing and dowsing the room. They were quick to pick up on spirits that they said were willing to communicate with us. We had the name Edmond and various other details. At this point the REMPOD lit up and beeped repeatedly, something it does very rarely. We asked if that was Edmond communicating with us and the device lit up again. I said that we should all be quiet for a minute or two to make sure the device wasn't randomly lighting or faulting and in that 2 minutes nothing happened. Immediately following this Kev asked if Edmond was still with us and immediately, the REMPOD lit up and beeped again.

Amazing as this was, this was to be just a small part of the interactions we actually received that night. Angry and torturous Sergeants, continuous REMPOD and K2 reactions to questions and the Ovilus calling out one of our investigators names are highlights of the evening. All can be seen in the forthcoming video we will post on this site soon!

Needless to say the evening was a success and Miss Cornwall experience certainly opened her eyes. In fact, it had opened all of our eyes!

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